Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Complete details of how we cure incurables.


This blog is one of my best, it is a blog for humanity and for doing this kind of great work Mr Nitin Sharma helped me alot. Whole material and contents of this blog is given to me by him.

Now days humanity is suffering from diseases which are graded incurable, by most of the famous system of medicine.

Aids , Cancer, Hepatises B etc are most common incurable diseases. These are life threatning because physicians have surrendered before them.They have not accountable treatment for these severe diseases.

Diseases which are said to be curable is tuberclausis or polio or inflamation,but actually we are not curing them but we are trying to hide them. These curable diseases are not shown on your physique because either you are vaccined or drug eaters.

Most of the people are suffering from mental disease,insomania,anxiety,depression,hypercholestrolimia, hypertension,lympotancy what are these? These are all after effects of vacination, drugs and steriods.

Neither patient wants to know about the real causes, nor the doctor. Both have mean only with the symptoms which appears on the body, but why these symptoms are appearing , they do not concern. It is just like as that you have not taken bath from a month, but there is not any smell because you are spraying perfume on your body regularly.

So, basically what are the incurable diseases, it is a large tree of that seed which was ignored by you during its growing period, because at that time it was present with very few and mild symptoms. But as per it was growing, you only concentrate on the branches of the tree and not on the root. you are countinuously cutting branches out and tree grows bigger and bigger. And we cant irradicate it.



There are many factors which are responsible for breeding of a disease in our body, such as pathalogical , physiological, mental heriditary, Econiomic, Social etc. etc.... most of them we are very much familiar.

But some non-familiar factors are present too, these are the real producer of such kinds of diseases which make us unreliable , these are some phchycological mental factors for eg. If we are unsaturated we are diseased. If we are unsatisfied we are sick, If our thought are in bad directions we are not well , if we are depressed ....., If we are despair .., If we are joyless ....,If we are over reactive , If we are dull , If we are overintellegent ...., If we are over backword..... , If we are miserable ...., If we are over fastidious ...., If we are over ragged..., If we are over fearful......, if we are over fearless...........If we are over disciplined ..., If we are over annoyed.., if we have over suffering from others..., If we are over tension free ........, If we have over sexual desires....., If we are cold ...,If we are over relegious, If we are over heretic., If we are over dramatic........., If we are very much social., If we are completely unsocial..so on.............. than we are not diseased today.....but we are preparing a land for growing crops of sickness.

So this very muchness or very lowness is the real reason of your sickness, the reason is you are not alone, you are not only the body or mind. You are a soul, too. And this soul is not present only in your brain or heart or lungs or liver, but it is present in your every single-cell. As you do just as your cell do...tooooo.Any thinking , any work which is done by you or any habit you have , same manner your cell will express ,too.

So when any interruption and diversion in your work or habit you will get and you will feel uncomfortable yur cell will suffer , too. And make you diseased.

Medical science understands and have proved that bacterias and viruses are the causitive agents of incurable and fatal disease( by its experiments), But have you ever think that why any causative agent Invades your tissues and cavities ? Because such atmosphere and circumstances are produced in your body where like this antigens can grow easily, without a favorable condition no living being can't grow. For instance If a fruit is rotten, than bacterias which are produced there are not the cause of rottening while they are produced there , after the fruit was rotten.

Energy is the source of life , without energy life have no entity. Energy can't produce or destroy , it can only change into its various forms, when the energy is positive the things will produce and when it is negative the things will destroy.

Soil, water, air are essential for life but without sunlight, they have no existence. Sunlight is a type of power or energy, it runs in the form of waves . Its intensity and its form directly, affect the enviorment, Earth is life , If it is low then there is coldness of weather , if it is mild the weather is fine, if it is intense the weather is hot and if it is uncontrollable ( in other words negative ) the Existence of life is universe will deteriote.;

Just like it our all body processes physiological and pathological are govern by brain , brain order by the impulses is these impulse are the electrical waves.

Whole process of brain is connected with the chain of thoughts. If thoughts are positive , than direction of health , but if the thoughts are negative than impulses are negatives and body will work into direction of diseases.

We can understand it by very simple Equation.

electronic nurve impulses
(1) Positive thoughts -------------------------------------------------> ordered body attitude------>every cell

suitable chemicals are formed
is directly or indirectly affected--------------------------------------------------------> Person is eased.

Electric nurve impulses
(2) Negative thoughts-----------------------------------------> Ordered body attitude-------------->every cell is

destructive chemicals are formed
directly or indirectly affected------------------------------------------------------> Every cell is directly or indirectly affected.

Now a question arises that what are the or what is the mean of positive and negative thoughts we are the unfair ideas of your mind , in some ways, some circumstances are responsible for both , these are ->

(1) If your are saturated or satisfied the thoughts are +ve and if you are unsaturated the thouths are negative.

(2) If your are suffering from social , economical or cultural disadvantages , the thougths will be negative

(3) If your life is joyful, thughts will be +ve and if the life will render miscerable , thoughts will be negative.

(4) You are concern with work Esp. with your choosen destiny you will think positively but if you are concern wiht burdened work your thoughts will be -ve.

(5) If you are falling in love, that many be anybody your wife or girlfriend or child or God or books or pets or greenary your thoughts will be postive.

(6) If you understand that ' Universe Is Like A Home And We Are All Family Members ' then your thoughts will be positive; but if you are strictly relegious your thoughts will be negative.

(7) If you are under-controlled by your parents , teachers , laws and they are imposing their decisions on you, your thoughts will be negative; but if you are undercontrolled by your soul your thoughts will be positive.

(8) If you are in the state of repentance durin any act , your thoughts will be -ve , but if you are Embarrased during any act your thoughts will be postive.

Your thoughts are very powerful they can change a poison into nectar or a nector into poison.

Your thoughts make you incurable So for treating incurables , purification of mind is very necessary.

Disease first produce in your mind than comes towards your body and to show in the form of symptoms.

So physical symptoms are the branches of that mortal tree of which dynamic roots are hidden in the mind; So for vanishing the disease or Eliminate the tree dynamic, root must be cut down.

Only dynamic contructive power ( medicine which are potentised ) can combat with the dyanamic destructive power(disease). this type of dynamic cure or potentized medicines are only available in Homeopathic sys. of medicine.