Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Complete details of how we cure incurables.


This blog is one of my best, it is a blog for humanity and for doing this kind of great work Mr Nitin Sharma helped me alot. Whole material and contents of this blog is given to me by him.

Now days humanity is suffering from diseases which are graded incurable, by most of the famous system of medicine.

Aids , Cancer, Hepatises B etc are most common incurable diseases. These are life threatning because physicians have surrendered before them.They have not accountable treatment for these severe diseases.

Diseases which are said to be curable is tuberclausis or polio or inflamation,but actually we are not curing them but we are trying to hide them. These curable diseases are not shown on your physique because either you are vaccined or drug eaters.

Most of the people are suffering from mental disease,insomania,anxiety,depression,hypercholestrolimia, hypertension,lympotancy what are these? These are all after effects of vacination, drugs and steriods.

Neither patient wants to know about the real causes, nor the doctor. Both have mean only with the symptoms which appears on the body, but why these symptoms are appearing , they do not concern. It is just like as that you have not taken bath from a month, but there is not any smell because you are spraying perfume on your body regularly.

So, basically what are the incurable diseases, it is a large tree of that seed which was ignored by you during its growing period, because at that time it was present with very few and mild symptoms. But as per it was growing, you only concentrate on the branches of the tree and not on the root. you are countinuously cutting branches out and tree grows bigger and bigger. And we cant irradicate it.


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